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Orders from the Salt Strong tackle store are processed by Southeastern Tackle in Tampa, FL.

The orders typically get processed within 3 business days, and the delivery time can be anywhere from 2 to 6 days, so expect to receive your items roughly 7 days after placing the order.

Note: The expected arrival time of items that are sold as a pre-order basis will of course take longer to get to you. Details are explained on the product page for all pre-order offerings (typical range is 2 to 5 weeks).


Shipping charges are based on the weight of the items in your cart:

  • 0 lb to 0.13 lb = $1.97
  • 0.14 lb to 0.44 lb = $2.97
  • 0.45 lb to 0.99 lb = $4.00
  • 1.0 lb or heavier = $6.50 (shipped via Priority Mail)

Note: You’ll see the Shipping Charges once you complete the Checkout page.

Delivery Time

We’ll use USPS for shipping orders within the United States. Your package will be sent via Priority or First Class service depending on weight…

  • Priority (3 to 5 days) for items over 15 ounces
  • First Class (4 to 6 days) for items less than 15 ounces


Once your order gets processed, you’ll receive an email with the tracking link for your package.

If you have any trouble locating your order, just send us an email to shop@saltstrong.com and we’ll help you track it down.

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Southeastern Fishing is based in Tampa, FL. This online store serves customers in the United States only. Tax rates will be based on current US tax laws.

Note: You’ll see your tax charge after completing the Checkout Page.

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